Gluten will not make me cry!

Crying Faces

I have had Coeliac Disease since 2007, and yet sometimes I still get emotional when I can’t eat something or participate in a foodie event. One of those days was today.

Crying Faces

There was a food orientated training session at my workplace. And surprise surprise, there was nothing I could eat. Yes, everything that was prepared in front of me could have been made gluten free, and hey, even low FODMAP as well. But it wasn’t. This wasn’t the demonstrators fault, and this wasn’t my fault. It was just how it was. I knew that it was going to be this way, but the disappointment can really hit home when others are enjoying the food being cooked right in front of them but I simply cannot. And the smell, oh the smell!! Beautiful freshly cooked food… mmm! So after this 2 hour demonstration I quickly ducked out and got some sushi – my go-to work lunch if I don’t bring something from home.

This afternoon I felt flat. Was it because I ate my sushi too quick? Was it the pressure to participate? Was it the constant questions of, “Can you eat this/why can’t you eat this”? I just wanted to go home and have a little cry, but I didn’t. I stayed strong. Why? Because I know that I would never cheat on my gluten free and low FODMAP diet – the repercussions aren’t worth it. Because even if it was made gluten free somebody would whine about it and that would probably annoy me. Cue eye roll. But mostly because I won’t let the gluten win!!! Crying over a protein, and garlic?? Now I’m eye rolling myself!

Yes, having Coeliac Disease is hard every single day. This is because we live in a world where food is such a social part of our lives. Some people are amazing. Some people learn. And others just couldn’t care less. The latter I avoid, nobody has time for negativity in their lives.

I surround myself with positive people, my circle is small, but filled with beautiful amazing souls. In situations like today I remind myself that work is work, and life is bigger than that. I won’t feel down because of today, instead I will call one of my friends and chat about how I can give what was made in front of me ‘The Gluten Free Queen’s touch’. How I can make it safe for someone who has Coeliac Disease and is also low FODMAP, for those of us with irritable bowel concerns. Challenge accepted!!!!

I am Rebecca, The Gluten Free Queen, and welcome to my business.

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